Hydraulic winches

Hydraulic winches
1. A) Hydraulic winches of fishery motor trawler conventional (manually-operated brakes and mechanically operated) or fully automated (hydraulic brakes - mechanically operated with handling from panel on the deck or the bridge). Type compact 72 tn hoisting speed for the collection of the wire 0 - 60 RPM with automatic system of stacking wire from 12mm - 24mm and length up to 4000 yards in the 12mm cross-section. Also collection of ropes and nets in two separated drums. Dimensions of the unit 3,6mX3.4mX1.8m and weight 12tn.
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Trawl winch

Β)HMC type with four drums in line, 34tn hoisting capacity with reduction gearbox of two speeds (slow - fast) and automatic system of stacking wire from 12mm - 24mm cross-section. Dimensions of the unit 5,3 mX1.6mX1.3m and weight 8,5tn. With speed of collection of wire 0 - 80 RPM.

G)Net Drum 17tn hoisting capacity with two independent drums for the collection of ropes and nets. Dimensions of this unit 3,4mX2.2mX1.8m and weight 6,

Winches of split type

D) Winches of split type with independent movement collaborating with NET DRUM (see paragraph G). hoisting capacity up to 20tn each for wire from 12mm - 24mm and length up to 4000 yards for 12mm cross-section. Additional option of combined handlings (auto - trawling) and regulation of highest desirable tension on the wire. Dimensions of the unit 1,6mX1.6mX1,3m and weight 2,5tn.
Hydraulic or electric winches

2) Hydraulic or electric winches of anchors with one or double chain carrier, vertical or horizontally, with hoisting from 2tn - 80tn.